MARKET REPORT Review: – Headline PCE matches forecast but Core slows – Headline +0.3% vs Exp +0.3% Prev +0.3% –

MARKET REPORT Review: – Trump convicted on all 34 counts. Awaits sentencing. – US Q1 GDP and Core PCE revised

MARKET REPORT Review: – Treasury Yields spike leading to Equity sell off post government 7yr Auction flop – 10-yr yield

MARKET REPORT – Lyon Stock Exchange. The oldest French exchange is in Lyon, not Paris. Est 1540 – US UoM

25 Trading Lessons Cover

MARKET REPORT Review: – NVIDIA +9% – Strong US PMI sent rate cut expectations lower: – US New Home Sales

MARKET REPORT Review: – HAWKISH FOMC Minutes showed some Fed members feared that despite a ‘restrictive’ monetary policy, financial conditions

MARKET REPORT Review: – ETH surge liquidates shorts in massive losses: – Biden Drains Entire Northeast Gasoline Reserve In Bid

MARKET REPORT Review: – ETH SOARS of ETF SEC possible authorization – “I’m cautiously pessimistic. We have the most complicated

MARKET REPORT Review: – Gold down, Dollar/Crude up, Crypto/Equities down smalls. – US Building Permits fall to 10 month Low

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