All Rules

On all models, we allow EAs, HFT and copiers. You can hold trades over night and over the weekend, and even trade on weekends in the crypto markets that the broker offers.

We have only ONE RULE

Do not hit MAX DRAWDOWN level. On each model page you will find a button link to the Payout Matrix. This shows what the max drawdown is for each model, type and level. There is no daily drawdown, just an absolute drawdown based on the initial account opening balance.

90% Lock Rule

Get Paid Weekly. No Target. Just Trade and Take Home 90% of your trading profits.

The 90% Lock rule is where you can choose to lock your account to a level and receive 90% of profit from that point on.

The Lock Rule is available for all prop models. 

However, the Lock Rule is not available on Intern levels.

To activate the Lock Rule on a Level or Funded level you are comfortable with, you first must hit the target of that Level and be paid its usual relevant advertised percentage profit split. You then simply contact us requesting the Lock Rule and your account will remain on that level.

For example, you may be on Level 4 and feel that is enough for you if you were to get 90% of the profits. Selecting the Lock Rule then locks your account at Level 4 and you do not get to scale higher but you get 90% of profits you make on this level.

Note that once you elect the Lock Rule, the account cannot be scaled to any higher Levels or increased funding.

Rapid scaling so you can reach your peak!