Use our money and we take the losses, the highest pass-rate with a 1-step evaluation.

Simple Rule to Success:
Don’t Hit the Static Drawdown

Trading our Prop accounts can give you access to funding of up to $50,000,000 of our capital, with 90% profit share to you.


Achieve six-figure success with our introductory prop trading program, aiming for 6% profits per level, with a maximum capital of $2 million.


Experience rapid growth as we scale your account from the intern level with every 7% profit milestone. It’s tailored for larger balances, with a maximum capital of $10 million.


Manage substantial balances with a 10% profit goal and 10% drawdown limit. Construct an Empire with an average 50% scaling at each stage, with a max capital of $20 million.


Access additional capital and implement extreme scaling upon reaching the 6% profit threshold, potentially reaching a maximum capital of $50 million within 11 steps.

Retain 90% of your profits and get paid weekly with our “90% Lock Rule”

The “90% Lock Rule” allows you to lock your account at a specific level and receive 90% of profits from that point forward. For comprehensive information, please refer to our rules page.

Experience Pro Spreads

Unlock the tightest trading spreads with The Concept Trading – ideal for traders with spread-sensitive strategies. Enjoy Pro spreads on FX pairs with a commission-based model, ensuring you get the sharpest pricing.

Instant Funding, No Assessment

Dive straight into trading with our Instant Funding Program – perfect for traders who are ready to start trading without the hassle of assessments. Programs with L1 next to them allow you to skip the assessment. Fast, straightforward, and designed to let your skills take centre stage!

Choose The Best Program for You

Starting Equity
Assessment Fee
Funded scaling
Trading period
Profit Target
Maximum Drawdown
Max Equity
Breakeven level
Max equity at level
Profit share
Max Equity Profit Share
No limit

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Better Funding Solutions for all Traders with The Concept Trading

Find out why we’re the top choice: straightforward rules, sustainable funding, and allowing any trading style.

Trade up to $50 Million

Fast Scaling

50-90% Profit Split

Trade Any Style

Instant Funding

Static Drawdown

Pro Spreads

Trade up to 3 Accounts

No Time Limits

Available On MT4 & MT5

Meet Our Satisfied Traders

Rapid scaling so you can reach your peak!

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