Frequently Asked Questions

All models have a 50% profit share arrangement. On the top level of your program you get 90% of the profit. Or you can opt for the 90% Lock Rule which allows you to receive 90% of the profit you make trading on that level you lock at.

On the Traditional and Preimer accounts, once you have hit the target you will be paid, whether that is in 4 days or 4 weeks. Or if you have selected the 90% lock rule, you can get paid weekly. Challange accounts when you become a funded trader you can also request weekly payments. NO-MINIMUM Payments.

We offer payments throught the following: Bank Transfer, Wise, PayPal and Crypto payments.

All drawdowns vary depending on the account selected. But all drawdowns are STATIC – this means that you have the full drawdown available at ALL times.

No. There is no time limit for you to reach the target. If you reach the target in 1 week or 1 year, there is no penalty or issue with us. We do however have an inactivity clause as we do want you to be consistently working and scanning the markets for opportunities. Like everyone, we want our money to work for us. Therefore if the account is inactive, not traded, for 6 consecutive weeks it will be closed.

We have both MT4 and MT5 available, with cTrader planned for the future.

All Prop accounts may operate on a server that is live, demo or another type.

Intern accounts are on a Demo server. Level 1 or higher accounts are on a live server.

Your new account will be issued within 24hrs.

FX Majors, FX Minors, FX Crosses, FX Exotics, Metals, Energy, Crypto, Indices, FX Index, Commodities.

Yes, please register your interest here: affiliate and receive up to 10% of every sale that is made.

Well, we say why not! Whether you’re looking for a hobby, a new career or a little (or a lot of) extra cash on the side, trading allows you to slot your trading hours in whenever, and wherever, you want. The mental and analytical skills you learn from trading will carry with you into your understanding of how to best manage your funds and how to not only invest your money, but also your time.

No. But you do need to consider the impact your size will have on the market. Even in the very liquid market of FX that trades in trillions a day, large orders can move the market several pips and that can be costly when trying to enter or exit the market. When you are on the higher levels this will be very relevant to you and you should consider splitting the trade into smaller pieces so the market can soak up your size without being pushed too far in price.

Risk Management and correct lot sizing is a cornerstone to success and longevity in trading financial markets. We suggest you risk no more than 1% of your total equity balance on any single trade. We also strongly suggest you always trade with a stop loss. Further, if you trade with large risk and no stop loss and you lose the account by hitting max draw down, management will not look favourably on allowing you back into the program.

For Traditional accounts this is 5% and for the Premier accounts this is 7% once this is achieved you qualify for the next level of funding.

For the Three Over Three, the scaling target is 3% each calendar month for 3 consecutive months.

For our top levels, or if an account is locked using our 90% Lock Rule, then there is no target and you can get 90% profit share.

If the account does hit the drawdown limit it will be closed. 

You will need to pass AML/CTF laws and provide Identification. 99% of people will be able to do this. You will need to sign a Service Agreement and provide proof of identification and ownership of the bank account that you nominate your profits to be paid into. This must be completed before you receive your first payout.

Yes. We accept EA’s, algorithms, scalpers, anyone and everyone – without restriction. If you can make a profit from trading, we want you trading with us.

You can trade up to three accounts simultaneously.

Yes, the minimum age to participate is 18 years of age and older.

No, our executing broker is LCM-FX and is a STP Broker. We also have Kubera Markets for our MT5 accounts. You will have a commercial arrangement with us. All Prop accounts are The Concept Trading accounts and you will be given access to sub accounts that we hold.

You can pay us with PayPal, Credit-card and Crypto. 

If the account fails, you have 30 days from the closure date to re-apply to receive a potential discount, subject to management approval.

If your application for an account is after that 30 days, then full rack rate will apply. All applications to re-enter the program will commence from the Intern level again.

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