– Top Orange Juice Supplier sees worst crop in 36 years (seriously)


– Gold UP, Dollar/Stocks up small, Crypto/Crude down

– 700 Hotel union workers launch strike in Vegas

– Novavax stock doubles on Sanofi deal

– ECB Minutes increasing prop of cuts yet highlights caution/concerns

– CAD economy adds most jobs in 15 months/ CADUSD at 1 month high/TSX all-time high

– US Consumer sentiment falls to 6 month low 67.4 May vs 77.2 April (Exp 76! Biggest miss on record!)

–  Fed Governor Michelle Bowman (Fed should proceed) “carefully and deliberately”
– Federal Bank of Dallas President Lorie Logan (there are) “uncertainties about how restrictive policy is…”
– Market odds suggest a 62% chance of a rate cut in September and 75% in November. (Key CPI and PPI reports next week will offer insights).

– Two BoE policymakers signaled support for a rate reduction
– The ECB is expected to lower borrowing costs in June (cut)

DOLLAR DX UNCH: 105.17            UNCH (105.01 – 105.27) MID
– AUD down: 66.04                         -0.2% (65.97 – 66.23) MID
– EUR up: 92.84                                +0.1% (92.66 – 92.90) Off HIGHS
– GBP UNCH: 125.24                       UNCH (125.41 – 125.04) MID
– JPY up: 155.75                               +0.2% (155.52 – 155.89) MID

GOLD UP: $2370                                             1.3% ($2357 – $2384) MID
DOW/ES/ND UNCH:                                      39615 +0.2%, 5242 UNCH, 18244 +0.16%
CRYPTO: BTC/ETH down:                              -3.14 60585, -4.22% 2891
CRUDE down: $78.20                                    -1.2% ($79.93 – $78.19) LOWS


NEXT WEEK: US CPI & PPI! Retail Sales, Indust Produc, Import/Export prices, housing starts & Build Permits.

China data

UK unemployment

AU Employment!




 Home Depot, Cisco, Walmart, Deere & Company

Faltering consumer confidence (see above) continued traders firming odds for cuts which followed yesterdays bid tone for the yellow metal hedge. Silver followed coattails up smalls.

GOLD UP: $2370                                             +1.29% ($2350 – $2380) MID


– 11% slump from 73,750 (All-time high) attributed to rise in geopolitical crisis
–  IShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) amassed about $1.62 billion in April, despite the slump in bitcoin price
– The streak of 71 consecutive days of inflows into IBIT ended in April, yet it is still poised to become the largest spot Bitcoin ETF.
– Currently, IBIT has an asset base of over $17 billion

Case for higher BTC pricing:
– BTC Halving
– BTC ETF’s add to BTC stability (regulation and accessibility)
– Inflation hedge (Issue of BTC is fixed vs FIAT ‘unlimited’
– Wealth Effect: over a decade, crypto windfalls increased household consumption by $30 billion per a study


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