Market In Review – 04/2022

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The stock market sell off has been an aggressive start to the year, with major indices down 9%, and worse in the tech market, with the NASDAQ down 15% from all-time highs set in November 2021. Whilst at this stage it is only a correction (a move of 10%) and not yet officially a bear market (that line is 20%), the media is taking it with some surprise – and panic. To those who watch the markets it is no surprise at all.

Market In Review – 43/2021

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This week brings us several Central Bank meetings. The BOC release is late Wednesday night with a press conference an hour after. Rates expected to remain at 0.25% but the conference will be interesting to note with inflation ticking higher. Followed by the BOJ mid afternoon on Thursday. Not much expected from that, as usual. The ECB is Thursday evening, and their press conference will also be key to note what their forward guidance is.

Market In Review – 42/2021

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A few inflation numbers hitting the market this week that might provide local currency volatility. First up is New Zealand early Monday morning. Followed by UK and Canadian on Wednesday night. Chinese GDP numbers Monday lunch time could set the tone for the week, especially those currencies that are heavily influenced by the Chinese economy such as Australia. Friday night we get a raft of PMI data out of Europe.

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