Market in Review 21/2022

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Well last week was a bloodbath across most asset classes. US Stocks tanked into bear market territory, albeit the S&P500 closed a few ticks above the official level. The Nasdaq and Dow were terrible. Even bond yields retraced last week as did the US dollar, which has been strong for weeks.

Market In Review 16/2022

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Whilst the impact of two shortened weeks and a lot of traders and dealers out of the market for holidays, this week has some interesting points to focus on. We will be getting key data from across the globe that will show a full months’ worth of figures impacted by the Russian/Ukrainian conflict.

Market In Review 15/2022

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Stocks continue to defy the market normality and remain at pre Ukraine invasion prices, despite the surge in bond yields and commodity prices. Whilst oil has calmed down somewhat, settling under $100/barrel, the tail risks are still there.

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