Market in Review 2/28/2024


– BTC Surge to $64k record ETF volumes, then Flash-crash/Coinbase exchange users show 0$ Bal
– Mitch Mconnell will step down as Senate Rep leader in Nov
– PCE deflator, sales, PCE and core PCE revised up
– US Q4 GDP revised lower
– Soft Aussie CPI
– Dovish RBNZ hold
– AAPL CEO Cook says it will “break new ground” in generative AI this year
– Berkshire Hathaway increases cash reserves by $60B last 15mnths to $168B (suggesting recession?)
BA Nears 1 Trill Market Cap
– Dimon says AI is not ‘bubble/hype”
– Treasuries up, Dollar/Gold/Crude flat, Equities off small