Market in Review 6/25/2024

MARKET REPORT Review: – NVIDIA +7% REBOUND! NASDAQ up 1% (Google +2%), Tech UP, broader Index down – Tesla up 2.5% on Cyber Truck figures – Trump Media up 15% (welcome to the rollacoaster) – Rivian +8% (turn the machines back on and sell, sell, sell) – Chicago PMI up in May +0.18 vs -0.26 […]

Market in Review 4/9/2024

MARKET REPORT Review: – ALL EYES CPI TOM – AUD Hits 4-week high – CAD stocks hit record high – US Economic Optimism Index Falls. Exp 44.2 Act 43.2 – CAC closes at 4-week low – FED’s BOSTIC: IF JOB DATA SIGNALS PAIN TO COME, OPEN TO EARLIER CUTS – BOSTIC: IF DISINFLATION PACE RESUMES, COULD PULL […]

Market Report 2/12/2024

MARKET REPORT Review: – Egypt threatening to void Israel peace agreement with the latter threatening to invade Rafah (likely a hollow threat as Egypt receives billions in US aid which would be jeopardized. Egypt fears a mass ‘Palestinian’ migrant crisis) – Indonesian, Finnish and South African Elections up for grabs – US stocks hit record […]

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