Financial Services Guide

The Concept Trading Financial Services Guide

This Financial Services Guide (“FSG”) dated November 2021 is provided to you by THE CONCEPT AU/NZ PTY LTD as trading THE CONCEPT TRADING ACN 652 938 399 (“TCT”, “we”, “our”, “us”) to inform you of the financial services provided by us and also to comply with our obligations as the Corporate Authorised Representative 001294442 of JB Markets Pty Ltd ABN 81 123 876 291, AFSL 323182.

This FSG will assist you in deciding whether to use our services and contains important information about:

This FSG explains:

This FSG contains general information. If you have further questions after reading it, please contact us.


TCT will provide clients with documentation to facilitate transactions including client agreements, terms and conditions and confirmations.

TCT can provide you with factual information and research and facilitate execution requests.

Where we make a recommendation on a product (other than securities listed on the ASX or a managed discretionary account service) to a retail client, we will provide you with a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) which will assist you in deciding whether to acquire the financial product. The PDS contains important information about the product features, benefits, risks and fees associated with that product. The PDS should be read carefully to enable you to make an informed decision about whether to utilise the product.


TCT is responsible for the Financial Services described in this guide. TCT is a Corporate Authorised Representative of, and acts on behalf of, JB Markets. JB Markets does not act as a representative of any other licensee in relation to the services or products they provide.

Contact details:
Contact: JB Markets – Compliance
Address: Tower 2, Suite 101 55 Plaza Parade Maroochydore QLD 4558
Phone: 1300 648 165


TCT as a Corporate Authorised Representative 001294442 of JB Markets holds an AFSL (No. 323182) which authorises us to provide you with advice in relation to securities, foreign exchange contracts and derivatives.

As a CAR of JB Markets, TCT is authorised under AFSL 323182 to provide you with the following range of financial services:

a) provide advice on the following classes of financial products:

b) deal in the following classes of financial products by issuing, acquiring, applying for, varying
or disposing of those products:

c) deal in the following classes of financial products by applying for, acquiring, varying or
disposing of those products on behalf of another person:

d) make a market in:

e) provide custodial and depository services (other than investor directed portfolio services). 

Our AFSL authorises us to provide the above services to retail and wholesale clients (within the definition contained in the Corporations Act).


Although authorised to do so under our AFSL, The Concept Trading does not provide any personal advice in relation to any financial products. Personal advice is advice that considers one or more of your objectives, financial situation and needs (your Personal Circumstances).

If your relationship with TCT includes the provision of advice, such advice is provided as general advice only. Any general advice we provide to you as a retail client does not take account of your Personal Circumstances. Before acting on any general advice, you must consider the appropriateness of the advice in light of your Personal Circumstances. Newsletters, trade alerts and research papers are examples of general advice we may give you.

Before taking any action to acquire any of the financial products or services mentioned in this FSG you should consider whether the product or service is appropriate having regard to your Personal Circumstances. You should also consult the relevant PDS and ensure that you understand the risks
associated with the financial products and services you enter into with TCT.


TCT provides general advice in relation to securities, exchange-traded derivatives (futures, options), foreign exchange contracts and Contracts for Difference.

TCT does not give personal advice. All advice given by TCT is general advice only.

TCT may also arrange for you to be supplied with financial services and products issued by third party product providers. TCT may receive a fee or commission payment from these providers as a result of you investing in one of their products or services. Any remuneration that TCT may derive is included in the fees and commissions you pay as outlined under the heading “How do we get paid”.

The following outlines some important risks involved in investing in financial products, but does not purport to be an exhaustive list of the risks involved in investing in financial products.


You may give instructions to us in any of the following ways:


TCT is remunerated through the fees from sale of our prop accounts and educational courses. Tuition Fees may also be charged to you for our services such as Individual Coaching.

TCT will provide you with details of the rates applicable for Tuition Fees to you at the time you enter into the client agreement and outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

TCT is also remunerated from the profit share arrangement with you from the Company Trading Account.

TCT may also receive a percentage of the commission paid to a third-party service provider by you. The amount received by TCT will vary depending on the contractual arrangements entered into between TCT and the third-party service provider and will be pursuant to the terms and conditions of your agreement with TCT. Accordingly, TCT’s remuneration from the third-party provider is not an additional cost to you.

You may have been referred to us by a service provider which may receive financial or non-financial benefits from us, where the law allows. Please note that such benefits will not impact transaction fees or the rates you will be offered for financial products or services undertaken with TCT.

Remuneration of employees, directors and representatives

Our directors and some of our representatives are remunerated by way of salary and other employee benefits. They may also be eligible for a discretionary bonus related to business objectives. Such payments are discretionary and are generally made in the form of monetary benefits. Some of our representatives are remunerated by way of fees and commission in amounts up to 80% of all fees and commissions generated from their clients depending on the level of salary and the aggregate revenue that they generate for TCT.


We take every step to ensure we provide you with quality service. The Concept Trading has an internal dispute resolution policy in place to resolve any complaints or concerns you may have about the service provided to you.

These should be directed to the Complaints Officer (by telephone or email) at and

We will provide you with acknowledgement of written complaints within 5 business days, and seek to resolve and respond to your complaint within 30 days of receipt. We will investigate your complaint, and provide you with our decision, and the reasons for which it is based in writing.

We will endeavour to resolve your complaint quickly and fairly. If the complaint cannot be resolved to your satisfaction within 45 days and you wish to proceed further, you may lodge a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) via the following means:

Australian Financial Complaints Authority
GPO Box 3, Melbourne Vic 3001
Toll Free Telephone: 1800 931 678

Our AFCA membership number is: 12606.

You may also contact Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) free call Infoline on 1300 300 630 to make a complaint and obtain information about your rights.


We hold professional indemnity insurance cover for the activities conducted under our AFSL. The policy provides coverage for claims regarding professional negligence, directors and officers liability, crime (fraud) and the conduct of representatives (including representatives who no longer work for us but who did at the time of the relevant conduct). Our professional indemnity insurance cover is subject to the policy terms and conditions. TCT considers that our insurance cover generally satisfies the requirements of s912B of the Corporations Act and ASIC Regulatory Guide 126.


Conflicts of interest may occur from time to time. TCT will advise you of any material interest that could reasonably be expected to influence our recommendation of a financial product to you, either verbally or by email. However, you should be aware that:

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